Business with a Purpose


I love my home and helping others to create a home of their own, but I am also passionate about orphans. I wanted to start a business that would have a dual purpose -- to serve as a create outlet doing what I love and make an impact in my community and around the world. As an adoptive mother, I want to continue to support adoption and caring for orphans. A portion of all of my fees help fund adoption grants and orphan care. I believe that every child deserves that feeling of home!


Having a place to go is Home.   

Having someone to love is Family.  

Having both is a Blessing.  ​  

There are an estimated 150 million orphans in the world today -- all of them deserve to know the love, security and support of a family. The photo to the left is my family. Four of my children were adopted from Ukraine. I know how difficult it is to raise money to adopt and want to help families. I have also been in many orphanages around the world and know there is an incredible need everywhere. I hope to support some orphanage projects. I believe in business with a purpose!


Ask me about adoption or how to donate to support adoption and orphan care!  Click the button below to donate to Host Ukraine, whose mission is "Giving Ukrainian orphans a loving family experience."

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